March 14th, 2015 by Jan

It’s a dark and rainy morning. The house was quiet until Peet the cat started howling.

This morning howl is my fault. I made the mistake of giving Peet his first taste of kitty crack and well, morning life hasn’t been the same since.

I should have known, I’m an addict too.

I felt sorry for Peet and I thought a treat would do him good. He’s had a rough transition to the new place. After living the life of Reilly we stuffed him into a plastic cat carrier and transported him from his comfortable castle, across the sea, to a house with stairs and a strange box he is now expected to shit close to.

Poor kitty. He had to spend time under the bed, hiding from Frankie the pug dog, who would rather chase a cat than sit on a persons lap. And well I thought poor kitty Peet, maybe he would like a catnip toy and some food out of a can as a special treat.

The toy was great for about 5 minutes. But, the can food – OMG!

Peet’s always come running when the can open is pulled out of the drawer. Why we never knew. It must be genetic. Cats and can openers. But, in 18 years dear Peet has eaten a balanced diet of dry kibble and has been just fine. Every cat we’ve ever had has eaten kibble and led a fine life.

Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t taking Meow Mix or any regular cat food from the Safeway. No, we are talking the good stuff. Taste of the Wild! He loves it. He loved it.

Now, life has changed. Peet has tasted not the wild — but the gooey goodness that comes in a can. Fancy Feast is kitty crack. Dear sweet Peet – will not sleep or let others sleep until he has has his fill.

They say the first one is free. My name is Jan and my cat Peet is hooked on crap in a can.

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