February 18th, 2016 by Jan

Last night I finished The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt.

The book cover got me on this one. I bought this at a yard sale last week knowing nothing about it, but like I said, the cover is cool. The title is cool too. Say it fast a few times. The Sisters Brothers.

I could not figure out the reason for the title as first, but it wasn’t long before I realized I was reading a western! I think it is probably the first western I’ve ever read.

This book is so descriptive, I could see the two brothers riding their horses, sleeping on the ground, the gold rushing, and the saloons. There was  a lot of senseless violence, but it was so very cowboy of the day.

The brothers, Charlie and Eli Sister reminded me in some ways (without the violence) of two of the Parker brothers. I could just imagine Ken and his brother Ron, riding horses for days on end, or more like, driving around in a big ass RV — talking of nothing as they did it. Two men who are very different, but have a bond that is deep and pretty much goes without words.

The read was easy, well written, and entertaining. I did skip a few pages when there was violence and also when the horse is hurt, but I continued to turn the pages wondering how it all will turn out.

The Sister brothers had quite a life. I was happy with the ending. It seems even cowboys, sometimes just want to go home.

4 stars.

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