October 21st, 2012 by Jan

A lot of people analyze dreams. I don’t. I just have them and for the most part, I really enjoy them. My dreams are usually a lot of fun, make no sense, and when I awake, I am happier for them. I don’t always remember them, but this week, I’ve had a few real doozies.

Last night, I dreamed I moved to Los Alamos. As soon as I arrived I found a big room and opened a school. I named the school Bomb City Tai Chi. Our logo was of course a yin/yang symbol inside of the symbol of an atom. I loved it and wanted to order swag like sweatshirts and handbags!

But really the best part of the dream was the tradition the school had, that whenever any one was bounced in the push hands class — everyone would yell – BAM!

Bomb City Tai Chi indeed!

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