November 2nd, 2014 by Jan

It was a good and very short day today.

Sue and I went for a nice long walk. It wasn’t that long ago, I called the same walk a “forced march.” Today it was a good walk, progress has been made. My legs feel it though, after all we do still live on Bowen Island and that means we are usually walking up hill!

I also wrote a lot for NaNoWriMo today. 1900+ words, and there are still a few hours before I call it a day — or shall I call it a night?

Night because it is just after 5 p.m. and dammit — it’s dark outside. Really dark. Stupid day light saving time — saves nothing. Still, just when I start in on how stupid dark it is here, and how short the days are — my thoughts go to Laura, who lives in Whitehorse. And Kelly who is working in the Arctic. THEY have short days!

I have nothing in comparison to complain about, but changing the clocks twice a year just doesn’t make sense. So, as long as I’m in a writing mood; who do I write a stern letter to asking them to stop the madness?

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