November 3rd, 2014 by Jan

I spent a lot of the day writing for NaNoWriMo and even though I could still pound out a few more words for it, I’m done.

My brain needs to think in a different way. Ken’s dad used to say, a change is as good as a rest, so I’ll mix it up by posting something here.

It is pouring rain here, pouring! And still, I am determined to still go walking. I was delighted when Sue brought over a bag of athletic clothes for me on her way to work. I’ve been wearing good old cotton under my rain suit, and since I sweat in that ready made sauna, I didn’t like the way I would get soaked and then cold. The clothes Sue brought me, wick away the moisture. They are great and I am much more comfortable at the end of my jaunts.

We have house news too.

I wish I could say, Allons-Y! — But can’t. We signed another extension with the same buyers. Our realtor seems hopeful that this extension will be the last one and that we will close the deal in the next few weeks.

It is hard to get excited, but deep down inside, I am hopeful. Fingers crossed. Living in limbo is hard.

I did have a bit of great news today though – Erica is coming up to the Roughrider gathering November 15-16. Sadly, a few others can’t come, but it looks like we’ll still have a good turn out and fun training/play day that weekend. I’m looking forward to touching in with everyone as it has been a while for me and I could use a lesson!

Moser came to visit for a few hours tonight as Marian is taking drum lessons, bought a drum kit, and wanted to practice. Moser doesn’t like it when she beats the skins; I think it’s karma for his barking! It was nice to have him visit for a bit.

So, there it is. A day in the life, and here are the numbers.
Word count 1605
Steps taken 11,180

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