November 7th, 2012 by Jan

It is a beautiful day in NM. Blue sky and mild weather make it easier to be here.

Watching the election results come in on FOX news was a first for me, and listening to the knuckleheads back peddle and spin was exhausting. Alas, the good news is, Mittens did not get elected and several other asshats didn’t either. As my friend Marian so eloquently put it, “America is still in the hand-basket, but at least they cut the direct zip line to hell.”

And as relief spreads over those who always say they are moving to Canada, if this or that happens, there is comfort in knowing no one has to make any drastic changes or start any paperwork. (Even though I still think it is a good idea to get the paperwork going for most of my friends)

Let me just say though, I don’t think of Canada as a consolation prize and kind of resent the implications or threat that it is a last resort that folks will to turn to when politics get scary. It is an incredible country to live in. Now, Canada’s Prime Minister is an idiot and is hurting Canada. Still, I have never heard one Canadian say they should move to the states because of it … France or Spain, yes, but not the US!

Anyway, I rant on.

This mornings practice with dad was slower. He doesn’t feel like going for a walk or doing any qigong, so we sat in the sun for an hour and had gentle talk and breathed. (Glad I’m not sneaking any qigong weirdo stuff in on him!) On a side note, twice this morning, he stared at the phone, as it rang twice, even three times, before he picked it up.

So far it is a good day.

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  1. Laur

    Glad you didn’t sneak any of that qigong weirdo stuff in on him, who knows what might have happened if you did. Stay strong, and be easy, everywhere


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