Accepting change

October 27th, 2012 by Jan

Sam said…

How many people around the world begin a conversation with those words? As a world renown teacher, I think probably only about a zillion.

Anyway, in one of Sam’s lectures, he said that when we are given information, most of us tend to categorize it in the same way. First we think, how does this affect me? And then we figure out the level of importance it will hold for us and prioritize it.

Selfish – perhaps, but true. As Cassidy M. once said, “I may not be much, but I’m all I ever think about.”

My kung fu brother, Art Baner and his wife Jo are moving to Arizona in a few days.

This affects me and I put it high on a level of importance. I will miss them very much.

Of course I am happy for them. They want this and worked hard to make it happen. Still, on a very selfish level, I wish they were moving next door to me instead of 2000 miles away.

I am very lucky and extremely grateful to have had some of the best people in the world become training partners with me. I know we learn our lessons from our teacher, but we cement those lessons into our bodies and hearts with the classmates we cross arms with. And the thing about having great training partners is that we also tend to develop a great friendship in the process.

Over the years, several of my good friends, (i.e., training partners) have moved away. MaryLynn, Haim, Darrlya, Tam, just to name a few. Heck, I confess to being one of those good partners that once moved away. (Sorry Jim)

And though we choose to live in different parts of the world, I will say, none of us move away. Each of us moved forward; towards something better. We set our sights on a dream, and found the courage to pursue a new life that was right for us.

No one is sneaking out in the night. Today the changes we make are mindful and heartfelt. Knowing this makes the change easier to accept. The selfish nature of “how does this affect me” can take a back seat and allow us to bring forth best wishes for our friends. I think because of our training, we are able to celebrate mindful change.

Safe journey Art and Jo! I wish you all the best and I will really miss you.

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