November 4th, 2012 by Jan

I’m in Richmond in a hotel waiting for an early morning flight to Dodge.

My dad  “over did it a bit”,  had some chest pains and is again in the hospital. So I’m heading back to…. see what I can do and also just to be there. I did buy a one way ticket which, when I travel is never a good sign.

I walked across the street tonight for a fish and chips dinner and they put yellow raisins in the coleslaw. I have to say that is just wrong and I am adding yellow raisins to my list of foods I won’t eat.

The good news is, green chile will be back on the menu tomorrow, and I’ll probably be sitting under trees, watching the sunrise each morning.

Wish me (and my dad) well.


2 thoughts on “2inoneday

  1. Kathy

    I wish you both well also. You are in my thoughts and my heart. I think, in the end, you will be grateful for these times with your dad. Know you are loved.
    …..and enjoy some good food for me please…..! xoxoxo


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