January 15th, 2020 by Jan

Okay, okay, okay. I know it is -45 in Whitehorse! I know the weather we are having is nothing for the hardy folks of Ontario. But, for us… the weather we are having is a big deal!

Ken and I just spent two extra days in Vancouver, so as NOT to drive in the winter shit storm we are experiencing. And honestly, having people in the north and east telling us to get over it, is not helpful.

We went to town for a scheduled “look see” for Ken. It was to be an easy in and out. Instead, our shoulders were up around our ears, and even though we have good winter tires, and a reliable car, we stayed put as we watched the temp drop and the snow fall.

Oh, we could have come home earlier. I could have driven in the snow, freezing temperatures and icy roads at night… but… NO.

The older we get, the faster we learn – it is better to hit the “easy button” when dealing with stressful situations. Doing the next right thing for us, was spending money and staying put in a nice hotel for another night.

We came home when a weather window opened for easier travel. Better safe than dead is my motto!

Sure, years ago when we lived in Colorado, this kind of weather excited us. Get out the skis! We were happy to head into the thick of it. Let me break it to you now – those days are over for us.

While, I don’t feel the need to travel to super warm or tropical places each winter – I also don’t feel the need to be outside dealing with this crap!

Snow and cold on the coast is not our usual weather! Folks here don’t have the equipment, budget or experience to deal with this kind of weather. The right thing to do is close the schools and shops and to stay home! Saying, “hell to the no!” for driving in this, is the next right thing to do here!

So back off, you hardy people of Alberta, Ontario and Yukon! Yes, Canada is cold in the winter, and we love it here. AND, we moved to the coast because it is the best weather Canada offers, even at minus 6 and snowing .

So – quit laughing at us! We are safe and home. This is our version of snowmageddon and as soon as we get out of bed — we will rebuild.

5 thoughts on “snowmageddon

  1. Laurie

    Not that I ever believed I’d live long enough to be older and wiser but here I am and one of the many very good things about this achievement is that I can stay home whenever the weather doesn’t suit me (or us) going out and about when we don’t need to. I cancel appointments 24 hours ahead of time if need be and we know that staying out an extra night or two is just as smart as not going out at all if the weather turns before we head out the door.


  2. Kathy

    Just my two cents but the snow here is different than other places in Canada. I’ve witnessed cocky people from Edmonton brought to their knees by our snow. And Mr. T. who was brought up here but has lived in Ontario for 30 years agrees it’s different. Also, google the first snowstorm in any other city from Calgary to Toronto (and beyond) and you’ll see accidents galore. They laugh at us but I don’t give a hoot. I’ll be laughing at them when this is over and the flowers are blooming while they’re still knee deep in the white stuff!
    Next right thing? Put another log on the fire and settle in to watch a good show!


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