January 29th, 2018 by Jan

Secretly, I know people read this bloggy thing, still I’m caught of guard when someone tells me they do.

For the most part, I write this public, personal diary, out of habit, and to keep Sandie informed of my goings on. (We don’t talk often enough!) Plus, this bloggy thing keeps my brain working, and is a good practice.

While I welcome comments, I do not expect expect them  — yet, this week I scored!

I received several book and author recommendations. My friend Sarah, even dropped off five books she thought I might like!

Yay and thank you!

I’ve also come to the conclusion that biographies are as brainless reading, as the TV show, Say Yes to the Dress is! Maybe it’s my choice of who to read about, but…. So far I’ve found the ones I’ve chosen are super easy reading, yet extremely boring.

It seems only, celebrities, politicians and dead people from past monarchies, fill the shelves at the library for biographies. Like I said … booooooorrrrrring!

The good news is I now have a stack of books on my side table, a new author to check out, and my suggested reading list is long again.

I’m ready to dive into some new stories!

Thank you for reading this bloggy thing. AND thank you for responding to my whinny… I’ve nothing to read post!

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  1. Laurie

    I loved “The Ghost Map”, it researches the science that went in to tracking down the cause of the cholera epidemic in London in 1854. It’s little forensic digging in to history. Almost anything by Mary Roach is fun, “Stiff”, “Bonk” and “Gulp” come to mind as good reads.


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