You never know

September 18th, 2012 by Jan

You never really know what tomorrow will bring. A phone call or a word can change everything. Good can go bad — horrible can turn into the best thing ever. What I’ve come to understand is we all need to wait for tomorrow to know what tomorrow will bring.

This morning on the patio, (my thinking and practice place), I ran an entire week through my mind and the more I kept at it, the worse things got. I started ranting and raving and shaking my fist with righteous indignation. Then, of course it hit me. I’m making it all up. Nothing has happened yet and I was in a tizzy.

I don’t know what is in store for me this evening, much less in the next 10 days or 10 years. All the imagination going on in my head is just that — imagination. My thoughts can take off and have a life of their own, but rarely does anything I think might happen — actually happen the way I think it will.

It is good to have a plan. It is good to have experience to fall back on and it’s better to stay open.

I rattled myself to no end this morning about stuff that hasn’t happened and probably won’t, and as soon as I recognized  it – I settled down.

What will be will be.

I’m flying out to Vegas tomorrow to spend a bit of time with my dad. The plan is to see some shows and “eat at some buffets!” My super conservative Uncle Bob will also join us, as will my Aunt June. I haven’t seen them since 1990. Experience tell me to keep my guard up, my practice tells me to keep my heart open.

I’ll do my best to stay present, and not get into any political or religious discussions. I will not point or blame, or start any trouble. Neither will I shirk or hide if my truth is challenged. My plan is to stay open to joy, good times and love. I will wiggle my toes often in the 37 degree weather, and I will know where my feet are. My plan is to stay in reality, or at least as real as reality in Vegas can be.

Now, I’m not really one to keep secrets, so if you come to read my stories, please know; what happens in Vegas, will probably not stay in Vegas this time.

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