September 29th, 2014 by Jan

While I was in New Mexico several friends told me they didn’t want to tell me of their day as they felt it was trivial compared to what Kim was doing.

I agree and I don’t. Our drama is our drama, our trivia is our trivia. Our story is ours and we cannot compare our life with the lives of others, especially on a daily basis.

But we do. We are self centred. To quote a great addict, “I may not be much, but I’m all I ever think about.”

But, being in recovery and not being an idiot, and I also think of you!

When I get information or news, my first thought usually is, in what way can I relate to this? Then, how does affect me? And, I do compare my life, experience and knowledge, and finally I look for room and reasons to share the experience.

As I write this, I am unplugged. No phone or internet. I am sitting at the window of Colin’s cabin looking at a Loon swimming on Watch Lake in the Cariboo., near 70 Mile House; the sun is coming up.

Kim is back in the hospital for a stronger round of chemo.

How do we compare?

Kim has such a positive attitude. Her fantastic personality shines through her illness.

I feel like a smuck when I complain about a sore throat and stuffy nose.

No comparison — just what it is for her and for me.

My Tai Chi sisters, Lois, Anna, and MaryLynn will arrive sometime today for our annual get together and there will be a lot to catch up on as we missed last year because of a scheduled foul up.

What news will we hear and share?

How will any of it compare?

Drama, trauma, joy and celebration. Life. We all face what we face.

I’m grateful my thoughts can travel to Kim. I’m also grateful my thoughts can be interrupted by the song of the Loon and I come back to the present.

Because here, right now. All is right with the world.

No comparison and certainly not trivial.

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