March 15th, 2018 by Jan

I’m in a holding pattern right now.

They say the not knowing and the waiting is the worse. I’m not going to say it’s the worse, because there are a lot of things are much worse — but it does suck.

Art’s in hospital. He called Monday and said he was in serious pain. Later that night he went to the hospital where they admitted him.

At first they thought kidney stones, but the latest news is, he has a herinated disc. But, they’re still, doing tests and have given him no real answers. What they have given him is morphine. Fuck!

It is hard to be here and not there. My suitcase is at the ready if I do need to go back to Vegas baby.

After a couple nights in hospital, Art was taken for a MRI yesterday, but the results still aren’t back.

So, he waits. We wait. He said they finally gave him a meal after the MRI – holy moly — he must have been hungry.

My mind goes every where with this and my hearts hurts. I am reminded to stay present. We’re all just waiting do the next right thing.

He did say he when he gets home, he’ll write a song titled Water and Morphine for his next album.

3 thoughts on “worryandwait

  1. Karen Koziol

    Kidney pain and back pain from a slipped disk are (at first) hard to distinguish from one another, however back pain comes and goes and has a wide range (neck pain, upper or lower back pain) and kidney pain is constant (and felt in the flanks). Kidney pain can come from kidney stones, or from a kidney infection. There are tests to determine the cause and treatment of each distinct possibility. The treatment is determined by the cause.
    Hope Art feels better soon

    1. Jan Post author

      Thanks for this. It sure would be good if they could figure it out after 3, going on 4 nights in hospital though. We still have no answers.

      1. Karen Koziol

        Morphine is a strong pain reliever. It works for pain but is not without side effects. It can sometimes make people itchy (and worse) very very constipated.

        Hope Art is not in pain anymore.


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