January 3rd, 2019 by Jan

No, We are not looking to get a new doggy. No, no, no dogs!
Oh, look honey, a Doggy!

Ken and I have turned into “those” people. We are the weirdos who now stop people on walks, and go goo-goo over their dogs.

One reason we don’t want another dog is because we were totally spoiled with Boze. And because of her, IF we were to get another dog, they would have to be a good dog. No knot heads, crazy runners, big barkers, or dogs with “issues.”

Still, we are open. For example, if Max, from down the street, ever needed a new home — we’d be all over it!

Really though, at this time in our life, we would rather be doggy day care people. So, if you live in Sechelt, and know anyone who needs dog care, while they are at work, or anyone going on a week long vacation, and can’t take their dog — tell them to get in touch with us!

I’d be like that goofy Looneytoon cartoon charactor, “I will kiss him and love him, and squeeze him and hug him and call him George!”  Then we will happily, send them home to their real people, so others can pay for the food, vet bills and dog cookies. I’m sure we can swing the soft toys, sticks and balls needed.

Which brings me back to other people dogs  — I’ve noticed, no one has just a dog.

Today, everyone has a fancy pants pedigree, dog that is a combo of at least two breeds, often three, like the cockapeekapoo. The most popular seems to be some sort of oodle.

I saw a sweet curly haired black dog the other day, and then man told me it was a schnoodle — a combo, poodle, and schnauzer! Come on people! This is not a breed of dog — this is a dog from a long line of fence jumpers! But, I know it is hard to charge thousands of dollars for a fence jumper, so… schnoodle it is!

When Moser, a labradoodle, was visiting over Christmas, we were out for a walk and someone asked – I answered the way I always do, and said he was a snicker-doodleleedo… The lady said she knew the doodle part, but wasn’t familiar with a snicker dog. I smiled.

Finally yesterday, I talked to a nice woman walking her dog on the trail. She had a sweet medium size goofy looking doggy, a super cute little bugger. Of course, I stopped to goo… I ask… she shook her head — and a little embarrassed — said, “Mutt. Heinz 57”.

She then told me, he’s a good dog, we call him Harvey!

I need to start to carry some business cards on my walks. I would dog sit Harvey any time!

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