February 12th, 2015 by Jan

It’s raining. No big surprise. It is the coast and this part of Canada gets rain at this time of the year. It is winter after all. At least we aren’t fighting snow plows and icy roads like the folks in the east and north.

The day cleared a bit yesterday and we saw our view. We still haven’t seen in it full glory yet but, what I saw yesterday was incredible.

When Ken and I were looking for our next home, the biggest criteria for me, was to have a view. It didn’t have to be of the ocean; looking at mountains would have been fine, but since we were going to live on the coast — why not?

Our realtor Gord soon learned that we were quite serious. Any house he showed us, our first thing was to go to the window and look out. Who cares about the floor plan, structure, or counter tops. I knew I would spend most of my time looking out a window.

We almost bought another house than this one. That house had a view to beat all, with a big deck to sit on to enjoy it. The house itself wasn’t all that great though, and I’m grateful Gord kept showing us houses, even when he knew we would have put an offer in on that other one.

We first saw this house on a rainy day — there was only Gords promise that the view was good. We moved in on a rainy day and the previous owners told us the view was good. Over time, the neighbours told us it was good.

We’ve been here three weeks today. Finally, we can testify ourselves that the view is good. I think we’ve seen it four or five times so far at different times of the day. The sunsets are particularly nice.


In the morning when I wake up and look out the kitchen window, if I see the lights of Nanimo, I know it is clear enough that I will see the sunrise on my walk, but so far, time and time again, by the time I get back home, the clouds have set in and the view is behind them.

Still, I can look out any window in our house and see the sky — even when it is cloudy.

I tease Art Baner that I am a duster* but after living here, less than a month, I know for a fact that there is more out there than this eye can see!

*Duster — someone who does not believe in a life after death. Dust to dust and all that jazz.

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  1. Sana Shanti

    death after life… seems to make more sense to me. sending you another hug. hope the view gets better and better


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