September 14th, 2014 by Jan

Two posts in one day! Does that make up for all the days I didn’t write a thing?

What is that saying about the best laid plans? They go astray or something like that.

My plan to have a short stay with dad and a long visit with Kim is turning upside down. All the seats on the short flight from Los Alamos to Albuquerque today and tomorrow are sold out, so I had to ask brother Art if he would drive me the 100 miles. He said yes, but it won’t be until tomorrow. So, I’ve got another day in Dodge. I’m not sure of any schedule or what we’ll be doing next week when I’m finally with Kim, so I’m writing now. Today gets two posts!

Art told me and dad to get in the car this morning. (we rarely ask in this family) He then drove us to the Buffalo Thunder Casino for lunch. Oh and by the way, he said, “there’s this horse.” He had a tip and wanted to put five bucks on #7. We drove down the hill, got a table, ordered green chile cheeseburgers for lunch, and Art showed me how to study the ponies. There were several races he was interested in, and he figured out who to bet on and what race it would be.

I had a few bucks burning a hole in my pocket, so I gave Art $4. and ask him to put $2. on the favourite and $2. on #4.  I like the number 4 just because. So, Art places the bet. We have money on #7 and #4. And because Art knows about such things, he also puts a bet for #4 and #7. (Beats me.)

We leave dad at the lunch table, just a few minutes before the race begins, and take seats in the horse racing room near the slot machines.

My brother is really fun when he is excited, and he was excited. His enthusiasm is contagious. He got me all excited in no time saying, “We might as well cash our tickets now.” We are convinced we have a winner or two.

And they’re off…. It’s number 7 and number 4 and number 7 and number 4 and number 7 and number 4 and, well, it is pretty darn exciting. We are cheering, knowing we are going to win some money! It’s number 7 and number 4 and wait…. Number 3 takes it!

What? Number 3?


No matter, we try our luck at the slot machines. Dad gives me a twenty and tells me to go have fun. He says he is going to sit and to come get him when I win big or lose it all.

I start with video poker and am down five bucks in no time. I go find dad, thinking I’ll play next to him so we can leave whenever. He is no where to be seen, so I pick a slot machine that looks bright. I’m down $10. when dad comes back with a win of $60! He’s excited and I can tell he needs to sit down, so I let him to take “my” seat and I go to lose the remaining $10. in the slot machine next to him.

But, Instead of watching me, he sticks more money in the stupid machine, that I was just sitting at and…. Ding, ding, ding…. He wins $300. Seriously?! That would have been my next turn. But, no. Dad wins and I can tell you right now, he ain’t sharing.

Art finds us. He is up $58. And me… well, I have $7 more dollars to lose, when I hit some magic spin and cash out with $56.

We all go home winners, but I don’t offer dad his twenty bucks back out of my haul. No sir. I still can’t get over watching him put $300. in his pocket. That is the last time I offer some old guy my seat.

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