February 13th, 2018 by Jan

I’ll start off this ramble with two of my favourite announcer quotes…

“Whoever is leading will win this race!”
“Well, THAT was a big mistake. Of course you can’t see it and the judges won’t see it, but it was a BIG mistake.”

Now, here’s an Olympic amazement for me…

6.11.616 to 6.11.618 is the time difference between two speed skaters after a 5 km race. It was the difference between a silver medal and a bronze one. The time for the guy who got in fourth place? Add another 3/1000  second! I’m not posting the gold medal winner’s time, because he blew it out of the water and won by a landslide of 2 entire seconds!

And just for fun, here’s a description of a half a minute run, in the slope style snow board event. Yes, I googled it, and this is the English version.

switch right lipped 270, pretzel 270 out of the top rail. And then switch on front 450 out of the next. And then 270 on, pretzel 270 out of the down rail. And then on the third rail feature, there’s like a jump to a butter pad to a cannon rail.* So I’m doing 180 up, then switch on to the cannon rail to a corked 450 out. And then I’m going left double cork 12, double Japan, to switch right, double cork 10 safety, to switch left, double cork ten tail.

He didn’t mention the 1440 something.

In the past, when watching the Olympics, I would flip from station to station whenever a commercial came on — always grateful that we have so many options.

This time we are recording the 24/7 CBC coverage. It’s great. We can fast forward through the commercials and the interviews, and can cheer the athletes when they do what they do. CBC is doing a great job of showing a huge variety of competition with athletes of all countries.

The best part is we can come and go away from the TV (mostly to get more snacks) without fear of missing anything.

Go sports!

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