May 15th, 2017 by Jan

People ask if we miss Bowen Island.

My answer is no. We do not miss living on Bowen Island, we do however, miss our friends there very much.

Leaving a community that we had been part of for almost 20 years was the hard part of moving off the rock. It was nice knowing people well enough, that we could knock on their door at anytime, share meals, and exchange pet care, go for walks, and laugh. Friends — we miss our friends.

Sechelt has been home for over two years now.

We moved here knowing only a few people. One was our realtor, who we’ve not seen since. Chris and Grace, owned the now closed Carrot and Bean cafe, and have since moved off the coast. And Sarah and MayLyn, a serendipitous treat, who we learned lived here, after we moved in through Facebook!

Last night, I walked around our neighbourhood, and marvelled, as I could not get very far without someone saying hi, and stopping to chat.

As I walked, I ran into Jim and Bonnie, then the other Bonnie. When I passed the park I chatted with Ann for a few minutes. On the home stretch, I met the new neighbours Chris and Deanna, who just moved in where Mac moved out. Then I waved to Veronica as well as June and Bob.

Meeting people in a new community takes time, making friends takes longer.

Contrary to popular belief – I’m shy and not really good at introducing myself. Okay, I can introduce myself, but follow up for me is harder. I’m not good at asking folks over for tea or dinner. Ken and I don’t entertain or socialize much at all. We are real homebodies.

Yet, as I finished up my evening walk last night, I realized we’ve done it — we’ve made new friends.

Not just in our neighbourhood either. Ken has friends from his woodworkers guild, me from various classes and hikes.

I’m happy to say, it’s happened — We know some people well enough to call or knock on their door, share meals, laugh, and exchange pet care.

Basically, have friends here! We are part of the coast community.

Life is good in Sechelt and I’m pretty darn happy!

2 thoughts on “weknowpeople

  1. Kathy

    Selfish as it is, and I don’t care, I’m jealous of your new friends and miss you terribly.

    There. It’s said.

    And also, I’m really so happy for you!



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