May 16th, 2019 by Jan

I’m not pregnant but…

There are nightmares and horrors happening right now.  And somehow, I go about my day.

Seriously – I go joyfully about my day.
I have a grand life, that is full of love, safety and joy. And – I’m sick with the horror of the world. Especially with the news around women’s rights.

I’ve had two safe and legal abortions, and zero regret.

The first, when I was 19 and got pregnant, after being raped, with a knife to my throat, in my own home. The second was the day before my first wedding.

I’ve always known I never wanted to have children or be a mother. I cannot tell you how grateful I’ve been for my right to choose.

My heart breaks as I see this change. I find this to be barbaric, cruel and inhumane.

As Ken says, “The rich and powerful and acting… rich and powerful again.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again — women (and girls) have always gotten abortions, and they will continue to get abortions. Now, they will again, get dangerous and illegal ones and risk prison. Of course the men who impregnate… will just go home. La-de-da… Nothing to see here!

If I could give the young any advice at all, I’d say, Fuck college — and learn a needed trade.

Become a plumber, electrician, or abortionist.

Also, just because I live in Canada, don’t for a minute think we are safe up here from this kind of fuckery and power.

Trudeau has screwed up so bad, that it’s only a matter of time before the conservatives make a majority government. It’s already started in Ontario and Alberta.

There is a saying – As the states go — so goes Canada.

My outrage is strong, and my feelings of helplessness are stronger.

I don’t want to be an activist. I don’t have the personal fear of an unwanted pregnancy and I don’t have the ability to change what is totally unacceptable and I can never accept this nightmare.

So… What? Send money to PP? Vote? March? Scream? Shake my fist in the air? What?

Saying, I’m not pregnant, but … makes as much sense these days as saying, I’m not racist but…

This affects us all.

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