April 10th, 2017 by Jan

There is nothing better than watching an expert in their element.

I had the pleasure yesterday of seeing a sheep shearer with amazing skill.

Taking 14 pounds fluffy fleece, in one piece; this woman sheared the coat off this huge sheep, in no time at all.

I’m sorry I didn’t learn the woman’s name, and I could be wrong, but I thought, as she was sweet talking this big fella, that she called him Moser!

I really wish I knew her name now, because I want to say her name out loud. I want to say________ was incredible to watch! That ________ has some serious chops. And that _______ inspired me.

At first, I thought, she must have some judo or jujitsu training, but there was no joint locking; she used no force to wrestle this beast. This woman had a gentle touch. (I know, I know, true masters of judo and jujitsu have gentle touches too.)

________ spoke softly to the big guy, as she clipped. To me it looked like she supported this giant, allowing him to rest into her structure as she worked.

Also, she did this in front of about 50 people, all standing within a metre of her, all saying ooohhh and ahhhh.

This isn’t a flattering photo – but you get the idea.


Watching a master at work is a joyful experience. It doesn’t matter to me what anyone does, if they do it well – I stop and watch.

________, I salute!

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