September 2nd, 2015 by Jan

Ken says I have a lot of rules.

I don’t think I do – I do think there is a certain way of doing things. 🙂

One of the main rules Ken and I have is called “Camping rules.” Basically, it is do what you want to do as long as you stay safe and let the other person know where you are. Easy.

This morning, I had to make a decision that would affect Ken and I debated with myself for a short time, before I decided to go for it.

I woke early this morning, not sure why, perhaps because our house is quiet again as all our company is now gone. (Not that anyone made any noise early in the mornings.)

I digress.

I woke early — stepped outside and looked left. The sky was a delightful yellow and orange with the sunrise. I looked right and there was a full rainbow!

I decided to wake up Ken so he could also see it too.

I thought he wouldn’t mind.

He didn’t.
FYI – if you see something pretty, go ahead and wake me up so I can see it too.

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