twointwodays – windingdown

August 28th, 2013 by Jan

The day before the last day or as Dorian taught me once the, penultimate day of travel in the van for us.

It started out with a bit of a shake up. I went for a shower the campground provides. I already explained why I wouldn’t want to shower in the van; it is too small a space for someone with my type of hair. Anyway – the campground shower was clean and bright and just fine, but… the handle for the water temp was touchy to say the least. The first time I bumped it – COLD! Yikes, a good wake up shake up. But the next time I bumped it, I bumped the other direction and scalding hot water stated to come out. I jumped out of the way and the size 11 shower shoes of Ken’s I was wearing, (because I didn’t bring my own) made my martial arts training a good memory. Ass over tea kettle I went.

Seriously – falling in the shower! Isn’t that what old people do? I tucked my head as I went down, ever aware of the scaling water as I tried my best to at least fall away from the boil.

I am amazed at the bruise on my knee! It is huge! I have a catch in my get along as well, but all in all, not so bad. I do think it is time to think about cutting this mane of hair or perhaps I could start to think of making it into dreadlocks. Hmmmm. Note to self: Pack bruise juice!

On other exciting topics, it rained last night. We were fine all tucked in and it was nice to listen to the sound of the drops. The country side is so dry we dare not complain about the moisture around here. As I write this now though, the sun is peaking through and it promises to be a grand day.

I’m not sure where we will end up tonight or what we will do and see today. I know we will shoot for close to the border so that in the morning we can cross and drop the van off before the noon cut off.

It seemed we just began this adventure and have finally figured out where and how to live and travel in a small moving thing. I could go another week — but… I miss Peet. Plus it won’t be long before Joe and Sandie come to Bowen for a visit and I’m looking forward to seeing them.

In the mean time — today is today and we will continue to follow our nose.

4 thoughts on “twointwodays – windingdown

  1. Jan

    I’m all better now, my pride was the biggest hurt.. It was all part of my plants let Ken do all the work. 🙂


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