December 21st, 2015 by Jan

I keep meaning to write a year end or holiday letter or recap — but dang it; 2015 just had a bit too much of everything.

Here is a quick bullet list of our year. I may or may not expand this with more detail.

• Best news – Ken and I stayed healthy this year.
• Worse news — at last count, seven important people, in my life died this year.
• They were, my life long friend, Kim Wardrip, my brother Bill, Mr. Chan, dear sweet Peet, my dad, Carpet Jan, and Jeff Potter all died this year.
• After 19 years on Bowen Island, we moved to Sechelt.
• We bought a wonderful house with a pretty nice view.
• I did my best to put myself in the way of beauty.
• A lot of friends came to visit, we hope more come as well.
• Ken and I took several road trips in the van.
• We are living without a pet. (This both sucks and is good.)
• My brother Art and I grew closer.
• My brother Ty and I are getting to know each other.
• I walked a lot, including the Suncoaster Trail. (My Fitbit reported I’ve walked over 2,000 miles this year!)
• I read and listened to a lot of books. (According to my records, 47!) Best read was either When the Birds Rained Down or The Miniaturist. Worse book – The Woman Who Stole My Life.
• I wrote a little.
• I cut a lot of fabric into small pieces and sewed them back together.
• I spent more time in the kitchen.
• I turned 60 and now get CPP!
• We joined a hiking group, and volunteered at the Botanical Gardens.
• We grew a garden and ate a lot of kale, squash, carrots, and Ken ate a zillion tomatoes.
• Sechelt had a horrible forest fire only 5 km from our house and we stood on evacuation notice for several weeks.
• We had serious water restrictions in this rain forest community.
• Canada finally got rid of Harper.
• I really miss our friends on Bowen.
• We made some new friends, deepen others, and are happy that we have good neighbours.
• My motto of “sit at the table” didn’t go over too well. I’m just not a sit at the table girl.
• I have high hopes for my 2016 motto though…
Simply the Best!

Like I said, one day, I may expand on this list with a bit more detail, but for now – I’ve got a ham to cook. Today we are celebrating the holiday season, and Marian, Moser, Peter and Tamsin are on their way over!

Happy ___________ fill in the blank.

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