April 16th, 2013 by Jan

Sometimes life is just overwhelming. For the most part I keep my head down and Ken and I are wrapped up safely in our home on this small island away from the noise of the world. But when we do pop our heads up, it looks mighty terrible.

Bombings, boycotts, GMOs, addiction, heart disease and rain all have a way of bringing me to a bit of an overwhelming state of WTF?

And amidst all the WTF that goes on in this wacky world, yin and yang never fail.

Just when all looks so bleak and sad and horrible — the turn around comes when I hear the wonderful news of love.

Two of my friends are getting married this Saturday and I am delighted.

For every horrible thing I hear, think, see or say today – I know for a fact I will also hear, think, see and say something fantastic and fabulous.

Yin to yang and yang to yin and Sally Forth.

2 thoughts on “turnaroundpoints

  1. Laur

    I am delighted as well. The delight of knowing that these two loves are being married this coming weekend, does life get any sweeter than this? Quite a commitment and Yeah for them!


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