Turn, turn, turn.

May 13th, 2012 by Jan

Was it Pete Seger or Jesus that said, Turn, turn, turn?

Life is what it is. Drama, trauma, joy and celebration.

Turn, turn, turn. Just yesterday, I was able to stick my nose into a big bouquet of lilacs, played tai chi in the park and had the privilege of sharing interesting conversation with friends over lunch. I got to laugh with my sifu, talk with a classmate about how he is handling being the full time caregiver to his partner who has early onset Alzheimer’s. I realized I missed teaching, when I gave a short lesson to a student of a student.

Turn, turn, turn. It is a Mothers Day without mothers for me and Ken. Bodi the cat and Cisco the dog died this week, they were beloved family pets of friends. I know the sadness, emptiness, and hurt they are probably feeling right now. My thoughts are with Jim and heather and Roger and Laura. I know they are wandering, because for probably the first time in about 100 years, they have no critter to pet, nap with or feed. No kitty in the house  to entertain or dog to take walking today.

All or nothing isn’t a part of my world right now. There is joy and heartbreak in my world – sometimes just moments apart.
Turn, turn, turn.

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