February 19th, 2017 by Jan

Six years ago, Allyson and I created the Today’s Step app.

It was an amazing experience and in my humble opinion, we put a very cool thing into the world.

At the time, I thought of myself as the queen of “bumper sticker philosophy”. I like zippy, one liners of wisdom, mostly because I have a short attention span. At the time, my idea was to make a desktop, page a day calendar, but Allyson talked me into the app to keep up with the technology and times.

Today’s Step was designed to encourage people with a daily practice. It didn’t matter if the practice was Tai Chi, yoga, sobriety or sailing. The idea was that Today’s Step would encourage you in that practice.

I’m bringing this up now because, while I’m glad we’ve moved on to other projects, I miss the daily hit of wisdom. So this year I decided to go ahead and finally created a desktop calendar for myself in the fashion of Today’s Step.

Everything changes and what I thought was helpful six years ago, is a bit boring, trite, or not a priority for me today. So, instead of using the actual TS quotes, unwittingly I’ve used a lot of the quips that didn’t make it into the original TS.

My recovery from addiction is not in the forefront of my mind now. Neither is the deep study of standing inside myself. So, the words of wisdom I look for today are different.

For instance, a few quotes I’m using now:
a) How we step into practice is important; but, sometimes a girl just needs new shoes.
b) Its all shits and giggles until someone giggles or shits!

Also, I asked others for quotes for the original TS here’s one we didn’t use, but I sure can now.
“I’m gonna start a business of evangelical religion, mega-vitamins, and bowel function and I’m gonna make a killing.” —Mika S

With the creation of my desktop calendar, and because it is personal, I’ve added photos to personalize it even more.

For example — today would have been Kim’s birthday. So I chose this photo to remember.


On Kathy’s birthday I put my favourite photo of her teaching me to cook.


From these examples you would think I’m in every photo, I’m not. But….here’s a fun one of me and Sandie back in our big hair days. It makes me smile.


This calendar has been a fun project — like the original Today’s Step it is inspirational and keeping me off the streets!

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