March 13th, 2017 by Jan

The local paper arrives on Friday. We scan it for anything interesting, mostly the listing of Saturday yard sales. after that,  it becomes what Ken calls, fire starter.

We aren’t much for the news, local or national.

We do not need a thing, but we like yard sales. What we really like is running into the other people who like yard sales each week. Some are getting to become friends. We like to chat as we poke and paw at other peoples stuff. Sometimes, we come home with a new dog toy for Boze!

Last Saturday, we went to Davis Bay to check out a sale. As we swung by the sale, we noticed a For Sale sign on the house we almost bought two years ago.

We really like the view the house had, and were all set to put an offer in, when our realtor Gord, showed us the house we are in now.

We are so happy we bought this place instead of that one. But, had we bought that one, I’m sure we would be just as happy. Living in Davis Bay is different than living in West Sechelt, but we wouldn’t know it.

No one knows the path not taken!

Anyway – seeing this house on the market again made me curious. I googled it and was shocked at the price they were asking.

In just two years time, I expected the price to go up a little, but now they are asking $240,000. MORE than when we looked at the place.

Come on!

It looks like the coast is catching the mainland in the housing insanity crisis.

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