November 28th, 2013 by Jan

We call it town. Vancouver is a big city with a lot of traffic and people. I am not a city person. I really like New York City but, I wouldn’t want to live there.

Twice a month, sometimes less, I venture to the big city of “town” to join the North Van portion of the Roughriders in a tai chi class. I love being with them. And, I hate the going in, being in, and getting out part of the trip.

One of the biggest challenges of going to the NV class is the timing of the class with regard to the ferry. The class starts at 5:15pm which means I need to take the 3pm ferry as there is no 4pm one on Wednesdays. If I have a list of chores to do, more than go to the bank and put gas in the car, I need to go in on the 12:30 boat because of their lunch break, and that makes for a long day.

Yesterday was one of those long days. I had a fairly long list of city chores and worked through them in a mere 3 hours. That meant I was ready for the 5pm class 90 minutes before it before it began.

I wish I was  mall person, but I’m not. I actually don’t like shopping unless I’m in your town and the shops are small and interesting and then only for a short time. Then I’m done. So, I bring a book with me on these trips. I often sit in the car in the parking lot where class is held and read while I wait. Sometimes, I take a walk around the neighbourhood.

I have an itouch for my camera. It is handy and takes okay photos, not great, but okay. I like having it with me in case I see something wonderful as I’m always looking for photos to post on the Today’s Step page. Yesterday was no exception.

I saw this.

And I saw this.


And then I saw this… enough said.




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