July 28th, 2014 by Jan

People ask if we are selling our house. In my compassionate smart ass way, I answer with, “No, but we do have a sign in the yard.”

Our house is on the market. We do want to sell. We have had quite a few showings, and even one offer that we turned down. We were just too far apart, the volley would have been silly.

Ken and I are not fans of the real estate game, and make no mistake, it is a game.

We have a big, green house in Tunstall Bay, on Bowen Island. We do not have granite counter tops or stainless appliances. The house has 5 bathrooms, a training room and a shop. It sits on one acre of somewhat flat land. Our asking price is $549,000.00. We came to that price with our realtor.

Now, we know, the value of anything, is the price someone is willing to give you, not the price you are set on receiving. That being said, Ken and I have a bottom line number and there is wiggle room. Also, we are in the wonderful position of not having to sell or settle. We do not have to take what is offered. We can wait and waiting on Bowen Island is not a hardship.

I find we may be a bit too unwilling to deal faced with the game and the back and forth, blah, blah of house buying / selling. This is not a secret.

We had a terrible experience selling our house in Oregon; we do not want a repeat of that fiasco. Long story short — Ken tore up the contract, in the bosses office, after we were asked to sign off on addendum H. That contract had gone back and forth eight times, each time asking us to change the house. The problem was that what we were selling in Oregon was a small blue cottage. What the buyer wanted, was a large red farm house. They wanted what we didn’t have. This was not possible. In the end, it worked out horribly, with nobody was thrilled with the deal.

This is the game I loath and Ken and I doubt we will play it again.

We thrive in simple reality. Our life is good as it is. Our house is not fancy, but it is warm and comfortable and well built.
I’m sure someone will want what we have. We are willing to wait for them —hence, the sign is still in the yard.

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