January 5th, 2018 by Jan

We are five days into the new year, and I’m on a roll.

Like I’ve always said, I love fresh and new. So, five days in… what is new and different? I’m happy to report — a few things.

First off….
Before going to sleep, I’ve been setting a glass of lemon water with apple cider vinegar on the counter in the washroom. Then in the morning, as the coffee is brewing, I choke down that glass of goodness.

In the past I’ve tried drinking lemon water upon waking, but ended up going straight for the coffee instead. And don’t get me started on apple cider vinegar.

So far… five days running now, I’ve been able to do this one thing I’ve tried to do for years now. Ta-da.

Another thing, that isn’t new, but is refreshed, is what I call the, “jar of goodness.”

On my desk, is a jar, with a slit in the lid. I like to write good things on a slip of paper, when they happen and put them in the jar. I’ve done this for several years now. Then each December, I empty the jar and read the scraps of paper. It is nice to spend a bit of time with the reminders of past year.

Examples include places we went, things we saw, and people we met. I also wrote down successful meals I cooked, new hobbies I’m learning, and crafty things I or Ken accomplished.

The most slips have the names of folks who stopped by for a visit. We had A LOT of company in 2017! I hope 2018 brings the same.

This year, I’m going to add all special events to the jar; not just the “good” ones.

For example, the other day I wrote down the name of Joseph, and put it in the jar.

Joseph was Michael and Marguerite’s old dog. He died a few days ago. We all met at the dog park. Joseph was a good old dog, with a sweet nature, and lovely howl.

We will miss Joseph, he is the one closest to Michael in the photo. Other pups are, Nelson, Purdy, Boze, and the two Mexicans.

I know Michael and Marguerite will have a totally different life without him. Salute, dear Joseph.

So this year, I decided that the jar will get the good and the sad. After all, Joseph is totally worth remembering.

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