May 26th, 2014 by Jan

The library book sale happened this weekend.

Over the years the annual library book sale is a thing Ken and I look forward to and support no matter where we live. I remember standing in line ups for these sales, sometimes an hour before the sale began. We would bring bags and empty boxes, and knowing we would fill them with treasured reads. It was a library book sale in Oregon where I found Tai Chi Nude for .25 and still have regrets about not buying the book titled, How to Break Boards with Your Head and Hands!

It’s funny how all of a sudden I can get all cheap and not spend the .25 on a particular book when at the check out line we willingly spent some serious dollars.

We like the library book sale, we like to support our local library. We like the good deals. It is also a time when the community comes out, and we have a chance to chat with folks we haven’t seen for a while.

Bowen Island has a small library, and we visit it regularly. When we first moved here it was in a room under the pharmacy and there were very few new books on the shelves. I remember when the room flooded and a lot of books were ruined. I also remember when they moved to the building they are in now. People carried boxes of books down the street, one after the other. The community moved the library box by box.

Because we don’t need any more books, Ken and I got a late start on Saturday morning. We arrived at the sale about an hour after it began. We were surprise to find parking was available, and crowds were no where to be seen. We had tables of books to ourselves and it was easy pickings. Ken likes history books; I’m into novels. Neither of us thought much about the price. We know the book sale is a good deal. We each had an armful and were happy until we went to check out.

At the last minute, I cheaped out, and put the books back. I know it sounds petty. BUT, like I said, we don’t need any books in our house. We have the library and can check out and return any book we want, so paying $2. for a paperback novel just didn’t make sense to me. Funny where we draw the line. And because they advertised that all day Sunday would be the “fill a box full of books for $8. day”. A no brainer if you ask me. We were willing to wait.

We walked out on Saturday and returned on Sunday. Again, parking was easy and there were no crowds. What happen to the popular library book sale? How come folks are not supporting it? Is $2. too much to ask for a paperback? Even the promise of a box full of books for $8. didn’t pull in the crowds.

So many things change over the years — priorities and interests are among them. I see the lack of excitement about the annual library book sale as an interesting change in how this community has moved. I see we are part of that change as well.

Still, we filled a box full with books, spent $8.00 and you’ll find us reading on the patio this summer.

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