the Royal We

July 25th, 2012 by Jan

They say there are dog people and cat people — I’m a cat person.

Dogs have always been a big deal to me. I guess you have to know more stuff to have a dog than you do a cat. Cats are and dogs are different.

I’ve had four dogs in my lifetime. The first one I have never mentioned to anyone. Seriously, I’d be surprised if even Ken knew about my very first dog, named Lucy. I was living in Albuquerque and was given a cute puppy about 16 weeks old. A sweet ball of fur with a very waggly tail. I had her one night. I went to work and when I came home, she was gone. I always thought she was stolen, but as I write this, she might have run away. I’ll never know, she was gone. Dog gone!

Months later Laska came into my life. Laska was a 4 or 5 year old Borzoi, and together Laska and I announced ourselves, “A girl and her dog!” I met Ken a few days later and Laska, Peet and I moved to Colorado to start our life with Ken and Tinkerbell. (One day I’ll write about Tinkerbell; I can still show some scars.)

Laska lived her life out with us. She was happiest in our Oregon home. She was a great runner and loved the beaches there and our small house in the country with no fence.

Years went by – Peets came and stayed.

Lucy the Firedog came to us on Bowen Island. Again an older dog looking to live out the best last years of her life. Lucy was a great dog and should have been honoured Dog of the Year on Bowen Island, but the fix was in and some dog named Trixie won. I’m still a little bitter.

When Linda said we should take Cricket, I was nervous. Why would someone want to give us their dog? But it was a win-win-win situation. We only had her a few years as well and she added joy and laughter to our house.

Now, dog less, Ken and I go back and forth about getting another dog. Mostly we want one, but mostly we don’t. We figured if one showed up, it would be the right one and welcomed. But we won’t go looking. We have always taken in older dogs, get attached and then see them out.

And now… drum roll…. We are getting a PUPPY!

Okay, let me clarify – I should say the Royal We, because “we” aren’t getting a puppy, our neighbour is and that means we in the sense of Weeeeeee! Because we get to be in the puppies life as the fun auntie and uncle. The puppy will visit and we will dog sit and be back-up help and we will get to play and go for walks together, and then we give him back to the neighbour, because “we” don’t have a dog — she does! Weeeeeee!

We are going to pick up Moser on Friday and I’m so excited all I can say is Weeeeeeee!!!

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