The Master

April 3rd, 2012 by Jan

The sick is still in the house.

Ken and I are now quite practiced at the basic energies of illness — snorting, coughing, and groaning. We practice flat on our backs, with boxes of tissue close at hand.

Peet is the master though. Although he snores and hisses, he also has a way of lying around, looking cute, and purring.

We could learn a lot from this cat.

3 thoughts on “The Master

  1. Laur

    When fish go belly up, they die. When cats go belly up they are in that sun wallow mode. They rest, recover, get touched, get fed, have some water, and then go and sleep some more. Follow that path. Hope you wil both be feeling better soon. Extra hugs to Ken, it’s been a tough time.


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