That’s entertainment

June 1st, 2012 by Jan

In the last seven days I had the great good fortune to see a lot of shows and be entertained to the nines.

I enjoyed The New York Ballet, Broadway spectaculars, local street musicians, American Idol finalist, Jazz guitarists whose names I’ll never know, but whose playing I will recall – I enjoyed being entertained by big named and huge voiced stars, back-up singers, and a stage full of beautiful young male dancers.

But last nights show! Oh, yes! Last nights show beat them all.

I had the best seat in the house at the open air theatre, of the Parker patio.

From my front and centre view, I watched the trees dance gently in the wind, the birds sang to each other, and the creek behind the house kept a steady rhythm. I stayed until closing and I bet I’ll return tonight for an encore.

It’s quite fun and totally worth spending a small fortune to be entertained in the Big Apple.

But the show last night — priceless.

1 thought on “That’s entertainment

  1. Laur

    Nothing better than a fun little “get away” to remind me that there really is no better place than home. Glad you had such an amazing week in the city and got home to some really nice star gazing. Best of both worlds!


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