May 21st, 2013 by Jan

If you have never had to ask someone to write a letter of recommendation for you, I suggest you do it. Do it even if you don’t have to show it to anyone. These types of letters can be filed and when you are blue or not feeling on top of your game can inspire and delight.

Having just had a birthday, I got a lot of attention. It was so nice having people tell you how great you are and how you have touched their life in a positive way. It feels super good to know.

I would also recommend writing a few letters of recommendation and sending them to the people you think highly of. Write it even if you haven’t been asked to. Basically this is the message of “tell the people you love, you love them.”

Don’t wait.

Last week, I received such a card from Ron Gregory. It wasn’t a birthday card or a letter of recommendation. It was a card telling me how important I was in his life. How the lessons we shared made a difference and how good it was to touch in.

I wrote back basically saying ditto; I used more words than “ditto”. What I wrote was true. Ron was special to me and to the Tai Chi community.

As a teacher I am lucky. The people who have studied with me are generous and kind. I am fortunate and often hear how the lessons or insights make a difference.

And, it goes both ways if not a hundred.

Every person I touched in with teaches me something, most make my life better and certainly more interesting.

I heard this morning that Ron died in April from cancer.

Ron had his partner Anne send the card he had written in case the “worst” happened. So when I got the card I didn’t know that Ron had died or that he was even sick. He was just generous in his thoughts of gratitude for the way we “touched in” and the lessons. I hope he knew I felt the same way. Our Tai Chi community loss a kind and gentle soul and he will be missed.

I am very sad this morning and will light a candle and dedicate my practice to Ron.


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  1. Evan

    Hi Jan. I am so sorry to hear about Ron. I really enjoyed his quiet listening (in all ways) energy. He kinda disappeared for a while there, and I missed his presence at the last few Roughrider summer camps. May he find peace as he continues his journey, however that happens and wherever that leads.


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