December 6th, 2017 by Jan

From the comfort of our home, if I stand on the deck and look east, I can see the day break during the winter months. In the evening, I turn towards the west and watch the sun set. If I were to leave the house and walk for 5 minutes, I’d have a “better” view.

When we were looking for a house in Sechelt, a view and a shop, were the only real criteria we gave our realtor. I’m happy to say, he listened and we got both, as well as, a nice house.

I used to wrap up in the mornings, and head out to a practice spot, (that is now a housing development), I would made it a point to put myself in the way of beauty, and witness the sunrise in full glory.

When I was in New Mexico, dealing with dad the last few years of his life, I went out every morning to what I called, “Thechurchoftheholysunrise”. I have a zillion photos. Each one prettier than the last.

Today, I admit to being lazy. I stay in bed in the mornings. I read, peruse Facebook, and write, instead of going outside. I still love watching the day break, but these days, I count on Becky to bundle up and capture the sunrise with her camera for me!

Becky has a talent with her camera. Her photos at Sunshine Coast Trails, bring me delight every day.

Now, while I admit to being a bit lazy in the mornings, I’m learning some things are better left to the experts!

Besides, it’s cold out there!

This morning, I poured another cuppa coffee and whispered a small thanks to Becky for catching what I won’t.

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