February 26th, 2013 by Jan

I am not one to complain about my sleep habits. After over three years of insomnia during the famed menopause years, I am a very grateful and good sleeper. I have been for several years.

Knowing full well I get braggers disease and come down with the plaque or something to that end, every time I tell someone how healthy I am, and being just a little stitious, (not superstitious) I hope writing about how good a sleeper I am doesn’t jinx it.

Like I said I’m not complaining – I’m just telling you of my experience…

I am an early to bed and early to rise person. My body and mind seem to need 7 and a half hours of blissful sleep. The problem is I go to bed really early, hence I’m wide awake quite early as well. I roam the house in the early morning hours in the dark, trying not to bump into things. I always thinking of Elaine Waters when I do. She said, “If you want to be good at tai chi, pretend you are 100 years old, don’t feel very well and are moving in the dark.” The point of her lesson was under those circumstances, we tend to very cautious with our movements.

Waking up so early, it is still quite dark in the house and Ken is still sleeping. My routine is to grab the clothes I’ve set out, walk through the kitchen, turning on the coffee pot, I head to the bathroom in the hallway, get dressed and go outside. All without turning any lights on.

Let me just say it is more of a challenge with  dog in the house. Moser is very curious why in the world anyone would be up so early, he probably thought the same thing when I hit the pillow at 8:30 the night before, but he must follow and join me. He must!

I have no point to the story. Just thought I’d write it out.

On a side note, no one took me up on the offer to buy everything we owned for a mere $750,000. So I either have to drop the price, add Lois’s spear into the mix, or start the ardent action of sorting our stuff.

I know I could do two of those in the dark, but I have a feeling I’ll be turning the lights on soon enough, as I begin to sort.

Just to let you know — if we have anything you want, now would be a good time to ask for it!

3 thoughts on “sortinginthedark

  1. Jim

    “Just to let you know — if we have anything you want, now would be a good time to ask for it!”

    ummm…Lois’s spear….

    ps. Lois, if you read this blog, heather took over my computer. I would never dream of transporting your spear to Oregon.

    pps. Yes I would.

  2. Kathy

    If you’re serious I would love to know what you are really wanting to leave behind. I’m not home until the 10th though…..


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