January 23rd, 2018 by Jan

I started to write about all the memories January 22, held for me, but as I got into it, my memory  took off and I started thinking of all sorts of anniversaries.

First off –
Yesterday, January 22 was my step-father Jack Del Dosso’s birthday. He would have been 93. I miss the old fart. Also January 22 also marks  the three year anniversary that Ken and I have lived in Sechelt on Samron Rd. And… way back when – I married my first husband on January 22, 1977. (spoiler alert…. that didn’t work out.)

So, January 22 holds big goings on in my life, but then…as I was thinking back, I also remembered that Kim died just two days after we moved here. Linda death anniversary is in February as is my brother Bills.

Then I thought about the first year we lived here – Seven important people in our life died that year, including our kitty, Peet.

I mean come on. It was rough.

Now, I do not consider myself old — yet, while I do send Happy Birthday cards out, I also put a lot of “I remember__________(fill in the blank)” cards in the mail.

Today, tripping down memory lane, what I also remember, is that everybody dies. AND I’ve been lucky enough to have known A LOT of wonderful people.

Today, I cherish the living and salute the dead.

One of my favourite personality traits Kim had, was that she had a song for every occasion.

Today I’m singing – Obladi-oblada, life goes on.

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