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April 18th, 2012 by Jan

Ken and I are talking about getting another car. I really like our little Toyota, but we are also talking about taking a road trip and I’d like to be more comfortable if we do hit the road.

A lot of the newer cars are like space ships to me. All fancy dancy with big screens and some voice telling you to turn here or at the next light. I’ve noticed that most cars are selling features that enable you do stuff that isn’t driving, like hands free calling. You just have to say what you want and magically it will happen.

I can get in some fancy car today and speak out loud, “Call Sandie! Find a glass store. I want to listen to some jazz. Billie Holiday please!” and from what I understand, my wish is their command. In mere moments I should be snapping my fingers, chatting with my girlfriend and not get lost when shopping for glass supplies. And I’m also driving. Will the magic voice also say, “Watch-out for that truck!” or “Pull over, an ambulance is behind you.”

Okay I feel about 100 years old when I mock the latest and greatest features in driving, but I want to know about the safety and comfort of the car, not the entertainment system.

When we lived in Oregon, Ken did something that was unusual and bought a car without “consulting” me. I know why he didn’t tell me, the moment he had it towed home. Yup, towed home. “Honey, all it needs is steering and brakes.” He so sweetly told me.

I feel the same way today as I did back then when I said, “Honey, all I really ask out of any car IS steering and brakes.” Today, I’ll add to the list, comfy seats and a nice dashboard that I can put my feet up on in case we do hit the road.

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