January 15th, 2016 by Jan

If you go to a class and no one is laughing. Leave.

I’m not exactly sure who said this — hint, hint… It was ME!
(and I happen to think this is excellent and worldly advice.)

Since I cannot find a Tai Chi class I like on the coast, and I was given a five class gift card to the Blissful Yoga centre, I’m going to give yoga a go.

In the last few weeks, I took four classes with four different instructors. I’m happy to say, I’ve been impressed with all the instructors there. Also, being new to the practice, I did not realize that there are so many different styles of yoga.

I’ve tried Hatha, Yin, and Vinyasa so far.

While I the hatha class was nice, I was bored to tears in the yin class, and had my bum handed to me in vinyasa. Similiar to how I feel with Yang, Wu, and Chen style Tai Chi.

There was one more instructor at the centre to try, and one more punch on the class ticket, so I went yesterday.

I was happy it was a Hatha style class. (If I’m going to practice yoga, this is the style I’d probably do.)

Angela greeted me. She was not only skilled in her practice; her teaching chops were excellent. I was challenged but not overwhelmed. The ninety minutes flew by, she used her real voice and the best part… the absolute, and truly best part…

She made me laugh.

I bought a 10 class package and will take my own advice — I feel I can stay!

5 thoughts on “goodadvice

      1. Jim

        Plus, you have to beware of random tai chi people coming by and kicking you in the head.*

        * weird what sticks in your head from private lessons….

  1. Michael

    My favorite type of yoga so far is Iyengar. Reminds me of Vinyassa , but without as much flowing, and more attention to details. It’s emotionally easier for me, and more satisfying. Haven’t tried hatha. Hurt myself in Yin yoga. I’m actually enjoying Pilattes more than yoga. So if you can find a class around there in pilattes, that might be a fun thing to try. What I like about pilattes is that when it kicks your bum, you just flop, and wait for the next exercise, by which time you are refreshed. In Yoga, they don’t mind if you skip the stuff which is too hard, but it often feels like you’re no longer part of the class. And if they do a long section which is really hard, then it feels like you missed a lot. In pilattes, you keep coming back to class, even if you have a hard time keeping up.


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