June 7th, 2014 by Jan

She came.
I’m a walker. I have been for as long as I can remember. Sometimes, I wander, sometime with purpose, and lately with intent.

I’m in the habit now of walking twice a day, “No matter what.” I started last November with a short 20 minute, up the hill and back, as my minimum. Easy peasy. Then when I had more time, a friend with me, or for the hell of it, I went further.

It didn’t take long for me to design three different routes in my neighbourhood. One was the easy 20 minute path. The next was a 40 minute circle, and then I found a nice hour long trek.

These three routes work great for me, and accommodate the “no matter what” criteria I set for myself.

She criticized.
The problem with fitness habits is you get better! You gain skills, and strength, and endurance. Now, I find the 20 minute walk, is too easy for me and it doesn’t take the minimum required 20 minutes. The 40 minute circle is now a 30 minute sweat. And the hour long trek is more like a nature walk.

The real problem is my mind set. While I do like to walk, I don’t like to exercise. These three options worked well for me as the exercise I need and like. But NOW, they aren’t good enough. I just came back from the 40 minute circle. I feel like I should have gone longer. I could have too, I have plenty of time this morning before starting all the stuff I need to do today. BUT, I don’t want to get my head around having to take a long walk in the mornings.

These are my great problems!

She left.

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