Say it again Saturday – Give again

June 16th, 2012 by Jan

Even though it is June, our weather is rainy and chilly and feels a bit like our winter does. So I thought I’d re-post a shout out to give. Here is something I wrote last December. There are folks we tend to think about around the winter holidays that could use a little help today. So, look around your community and our world — pretend it’s Christmas and give away something today. Be generous.

For me gratitude and joy go hand in hand.

I find the best way to express both, is by sharing and being willing to help where we can. There are a zillion ways we can help those who are not as comfortable as we are right now. And just like a daily practice, we feel good when we participate. The benefits of giving are vast, and still, like practice, giving can be one of those things, that’s easier to think about, and talk about. For some of us, it takes cold weather, a kick in the pants, or the holiday season to remind us that there are those in our world who could use a hand.

My personal favourite way to express my gratitude is to help support our local food bank. Usually I throw a few extra items in my grocery cart each week and then drop a bag of staples off at the pantry on Bowen Island. It’s easy, anonymous, and it helps.

My friend Monica at Broadway Wellness, is helping out the Covenant House in Vancouver by getting together as many shoes and socks as possible for their street people coming in with frost bitten or damaged feet this winter. Monica is collecting items, and dropping them off in the beginning of January.  Click here to help her help others.

Think of what you can do to help others, this week, or this holiday season, and then, like your practice – Do it.

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