February 12th, 2017 by Jan

It was by chance that we heard the news of Shelagh Hill’s death.

Ken and I have new emails addresses so, if you send a note to the old ones, the chances are slim we will get them — however, Ken received a note from David Hill yesterday telling us when Shelagh’s “Celebration of Life” will be.

I learned that Shelagh died on December 2nd. Shelagh had a particularly nasty, rare (2 cases per 100,000) cancer that is hard to diagnose and harder to treat. Cholangiocarcinoma (“Bile Duct Cancer”). She had 6 weeks from diagnosis to death.

Her husband of 56 years, David, reminded me how Shelagh was incredibly philosophical.

For example, at the initial diagnosis she thanked the doctor (who was quite upset herself) and said she had broken the news “beautifully”. Shelagh always thought of others first, and he said, this continued right up to her death.

Shelagh was one of my students on Bowen Island. She trained with me for years and was a delight. I will miss her in the world.



Yes, that is a bag of lentils on her head!

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