July 6th, 2012 by Jan

Let me just say, Today’s Step app and daily newsletter would never be a reality without Allyson Appen, and today, I’d like to take the opportunity to salute her. To say she is my partner in all of this, is an understatement, she is the fuel and fire behind it all.

I like to call her — McSteady.

Today’s Step would still be just a big fat idea without Allyson. There would still be little scraps of paper with sayings and lessons still spread out all over my desk, and I would continue to talk about writing something for people in recovery, developing a daily practice of some sort.

Make no mistake about it, Today’s Step is out of my head and in the world because of her steady rhythm and support. And from the feedback we get — it is helping people and is a good thing.

The road to create, develop, and market Today’s Step has not always been smooth. We are still a long way away from our goal of being in the aftercare programs of treatment centres everywhere. But we are making progress.

I always say, “You teach what you need to learn” and for years I’ve preached the wise words… “When your pants are on fire, sit down and put them out!”

Yesterday my pants caught fire — instead of sitting down, I ran around and around all panicked — wondering what to do. Lucky for me, I ran straight to McSteady who basically told me to sit down! Duh…

When the problem is obvious — the solution is usually simple. Sometimes it just takes someone steady to remind you.

Neither of us knew what we were getting into by creating this app and in hind sight… well who knows. We are very proud of the product, grateful for the lessons, and the journey has been very interesting since the launch of Today’s Step. But, for me, the very best part of it all, has been in having the privilege of working with Allyson Appen.

What I have learned more than anything, is something I teach all the time – Go where you are celebrated and find someone strong, wise, and steady who will have your back!


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