May 20th, 2014 by Jan

I’m feeling quite good today as I begin my 59th trip around the sun.

What really helped get this good feeling is a return to routine.

I went to Massachusetts at the beginning of May and my daily routine changed. It was all well and good, until I got sick on the way home from that trip and spent close to two weeks sleeping, snorting, and complaining.

The last few days I’ve been vertical, and can see the road back to health. I could see it, but could not get there. I’ve talked about taking a walk everyday this week, but as we all know talking about it is almost the same as doing it. Kind of like saying, I’ll try. We “try” until we do and it is the “do” that counts.

Today, my morning routine came back. I stepped into my practice! Deep breath.

I put on the ear buds, turned on a podcast, grabbed my walking poles and set out for a morning walk; the first of two I will take today. I stopped at “my” spot and did a little qigong and came home. My practice.

I’m still a little slow, but grateful to be moving.

Then – a cuppa coffee and while I’m in a mood about routine, a short stint at writing a bloggy thing. I hold excitement for the day. See, this apple did not fall far from the tree of selfishness about birthday attention. I went to my computer and sure enough — emails and Facebook wishes abound wishing me well. Thank you!

I thrive when a rut becomes a groove!

3 thoughts on “routineagain

  1. Jenny

    Dear Sweetest Apple,

    Ken said it first, but I wanted to be second!

    Gotta love your last line: I thrive when a rut becomes a groove!

    Sunny birthday love. Groove on, baby!


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