April 15th, 2014 by Jan

Since I don’t seem to be writing anything interesting these days, I thought I would go back over some of my old posts from my notebook on the beautiful web site I was thinking I would start a throw back series and  re-post some of my favourite bloggy posts from years past.

What I see as I re-read from the site is where I got most of the meat and potatoes fodder for Today’s Step. There are some pretty good one liners here and there if I do say so myself.

I’m not sure when I started posting bloggy words. My notebook site is not set up the way this one, it’s really just one long ramble and no ability for comments. I could scroll a head and find out, but I’m not going to. I know I used to post once a week and then during my official sabbatical I committed to a daily practice.

I have to say I’m surprised at all the book reports I did. I still read a lot, but not the way I did during the sabbatical years. I also like the 6 and 12 word stories a lot. Some stories or themes are the same as I post today — practice, the O, my mom’s stuff, walking. Really, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

I may still post a throw back once in a while, in the mean time, I am having a lot of fun rereading my public diary.

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