November 26th, 2012 by Jan

A thousand thoughts are running in my head this morning.

I was like a child waiting for Christmas or their birthday party this morning, when I jumped in the car and drove to chase the sunrise at the overlook spot coming up the hill. I know a lot of that excitement is in the fact that I will see Ken tomorrow! I know he is packing and planning his travels today. The last few weeks have crawled by and I just know this next week will fly.

I want to show him this and that and go here and there and eat burritos and tacos and green green chile with him. I want the weather to hold and I want to watch his expression as the sun rises over canyons and take him on walks in the mountains and..and..and…

The reality is we will do what we can around dad. I have been prepping dad a lot on how to live alone. Resources and phone numbers; neighbours and friends are in place. Routines are established, pills are sorted, reminder signs are everywhere for him. He will need to choose how he spends his days.

I guess all of us need to choose how we spend our day.

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