November 15th, 2017 by Jan

I have notebooks full of quotable quotes. Heck, I even wrote an app that was all bumper sticker wisdom.

I was reminded of cool quotes from Robert Peters. He is one of three Facebook friends I have, that I’ve never met. Robert has an interesting take on the world, and his web site has a section totally dedicated to quotes. I like it.

So, in true copy cat style – I’m going to start posting some of my favourite sayings, and words of wisdom. Some of these quotes are from Today’s Step, and some didn’t make the cut. Some of came from a class and some were just words thrown down on paper, caught from where ever.

This is a way for me to make public some private notebooks. A way, if you will, for me to take things out of storage, have a look and decide if I want to, keep, toss or donate! It is time for a seven year burn!

Today — here’s a favourite. I’m going to attribute this saying to Ken Parker, who Jim tagged years ago, as a Taoist carpenter.

“If it’s broke, fix it.”

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  2. Kathy Gagner

    A Janism that gets used a lot around my house is, “2%”. That’s it. And it’s amazing how quickly the shoulders drop just by hearing those two little words!


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