Quiet places

May 24th, 2012 by Jan

Over the years I have practiced in parking lots, small living rooms with the furniture pushed back, on Colorado Mountain tops and Hawaiian volcanos, the infamous studio in Kits holds my form, as does our patio, the ferry to and from Bowen Island, and a few airport waiting areas as well.

Years ago I was part of a TV series called “Quiet Places”. The producer of this show wanted to showcase the places we go to get quiet so we can practice. What I liked about this show, was that it was our goal as Tai Chi players, to demonstrate that no matter where we move, we are the quiet place when we play tai chi. We seek stillness and find the tranquility of our mind, body and spirit no matter where we stand physically. It doesn’t matter where I practice, what matters is that I practice.

My practice will be different this week and I’m excited as all get out. How about you? Where will you practice this week? I’d love to hear.

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