August 19th, 2015 by Jan

When you make the move to a new place, you ask a lot of questions.

We certainly did and were quite happy with the answers we received when Sechelt made the cut for our new home.

The problem is we didn’t really think to ask one really important question.

Will there be enough water to do what we want to do?

See, we live in a fucking rain forest — who would have thought having access to enough water would be a question we’d even have to consider? We sure didn’t.

With stage 4 water restrictions, the plants in the garden are drying up and dying. We are doing our best to harvest and put away as much as we can to save on the waste. But, my heart breaks as the beans, peas, kale, and strawberry plants turn to yellow.

Of course, zucchini continues to grow quite well.

P.S. – Yes, we use grey water. Yes, we have buckets sitting in the shower and sink. Yes, every time we turn on the tap, we are aware. Yes, we let it mellow if it is yellow. Yes, we shower in less time, wash our clothes less often, and yes… we know how privileged our life is. Which is one reason, we can complain.

3 thoughts on “questionsnotasked

  1. Laura B

    Well, (no pun intended) it wouldn’t have occurred to me to imagine water supply problems there on the coast either. It seems we humans are asking too much of our world. I’m sorry to hear of this, Jan. Perhaps you’ll be able to adapt your methods next year, in anticipation, perhaps not. I’m not a big gardener, and I don’t know what can be done.

  2. Michael

    Well (pun intended), you said yourself that they can’t control your water activity indoors, so they do so outdoors. Since you are capturing water from your showers for outside, why not take longer and more frequent showers, so there is more water to capture. It is within the letter of the law, yes? Or do they limit how many showers you can take?

    1. Jan Post author

      Or… I can pretend to take a shower and fill the bucket and pour THAT water on our kale! 🙂 Just call me stinky!


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